Replace a missing tooth with a Dental Implant and a Porcelain Crown

One of the most common uses for dental implants in my practice is to replace a single missing tooth, especially in the part of a patients mouth that shows when smiling. 

I find this type of treatment as one of the most rewarding parts of my practice.  Being able to replace a missing tooth without attaching the new replacement tooth to any nearby teeth, nor having to resort to an old fashioned removable denture.  This allows people to smile and use their teeth as nature intended.  No worries about it moving when eating or speaking.  If planned properly, we can often get results that look like nature intended. 

This is Fred.  He had been without a tooth for quite a few years and used a removable plastic denture with just one tooth to replace the missing one.  Now his very young kids miss his "party trick"- being able to flip his tooth in and out of his mouth, but Fred doesn't miss it!

Dental Implant Oakville Dr Steven Rosenblatdental implant and Porcelain crown