Cosmetic Dentistry... how will it look when it's done?

One of the most frequent cosmetic concerns patients ask me to correct for them are pointy "fang" (canine) teeth.  What I often hear is  "can't  you just file down the tooth?"  The solution is usually not taking away tooth material but actually adding more to the tooth, either with composite resin  (white filling material) or porcelain  veneers.  When I suggest adding instead of taking away, it can be  hard for patients to visualize what I am recommending (well, they are patients and not dentists, right?)  Let's therefore go over one of the best ways to show what cosmetic enhancements can be accomplished by cosmetic dentistry today.

Yesterday I had a young woman with an attractive smile in the office who wanted this very type of esthetic improvement.  Now I can show her on a computer what it may look like but seeing is believing.   So using composite resin (the white filling material we use) I added to her teeth to show her the different types of improvements I can offer.  I didn't bond the material nor spend a lot of time matching colours or polishing the composite as I was performing what we dentists call a "Cosmetic Mock Up".  

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