Dental Specialists and Referrals...

As a general dentist I like to think of myself as part of a team.  My team consists of my assistant, hygienist and management team.  But my team is not limited to just the people in my office.  I have an  extended team that consists of various dental  specialists.  I rely on them for their expertise in dental procedures that require additional training and study that goes beyond general dentistry.  An example might be a "root canal" specialist or a "gum specialist.  I like to compare my extended team to a football team.  My position as any general dentist is the quarterback. The Oakville Dentist is a quarterback I have to decide the play and how to reach the goal line of completed treatment. When I examine a patient it is my responsibility to diagnose any problems my patient needs and plan the treatment required.  If the treatment a patient requires is straight forward, I run with the ball and go for the touchdown.

But sometimes a patient's dental needs are complicated enough that I need my specialists to perform treatment that requires their specialised skills, so I pass the ball to them after an online "huddle".

Now my team of dental specialists is not just any specialist who happens to be in the neighbourhood.  Specialist selection is based on the specialists dental philosophies, treatment outcomes and our ability to agree on the best way to solve our patients dental problem. While a referral to a specialist means another visit to an office that might be less convenient for you the patient, it's the final result of treatment that is what counts.  It's all about you.

Great things start with a smile!

Dr Steven Rosenblat

Oakville Dentist